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Carapan is a Native American word that literally means, "a beautiful place of tranquility where one goes to restore one's spirit." The Carapan experience is like no other. Our signature aromatherapy scent promotes relaxation and contentment. Plateau is a collection of all natural bath, body and home fragrance products derived from plants, flowers and minerals that are truly evocative of Carapan. Through our scent of the grade 'A' essential oils: fir balsam, lavender, bergamot, cedar, patchouli, chamomile, and vanilla balanced and merged to produce a calming and uplifting effect, plateau preserves harmony and well being. Plateau is appealing to both men and women and embodies that rare landscape where earth and sky come together as one. The healing properties of these very concentrated botanicals produce a wide variety of beneficial effects in both health and beauty applications. Increased energy and stress relief are among the many benefits of Plateau.


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